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Teether + Feeder featuring interchangeable nipples that allows you to easily transition between teething and feeding. Soothes sore, swollen gums caused by teething pains and safely introduce solids. 

Silicone travel bag included. 

*Recommended for ages 3 months and up for teething and 6 months for feeding.

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  1. Paceepop
  2. Two teething nipples
  3. One feeder nipple
  4. Silicone travel bag

Care Instructions

All items are dishwasher safe

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mary Campbell
Just got it and already loving it!!

I saw these at a convention and wanted to buy it immediately. Our 6 month old isn’t quiet teething yet, but we gave it to her anyway (with nothing in it) so that she can get used to it, especially since she loves to chew on things right now. She took to it right away and will not let it go! I can already tell that this is going to save us a lot in the very near future!!


I wish something like this would have been around for my first kid! The Paceepop made the whole teething journey, so much more comfortable for my baby. We didn’t have to deal with messy mesh teething toys, and didn’t have to worry about water getting everywhere from frozen pacifiers. The Paceepop is absolutely amazing! All of my friends will be getting this at their baby showers!

Amazing Product

My baby absolutely loves this! I love how it fits in his hand all while protecting him from getting too cold! I don’t have to worry about him choking on the food or it falling out! He loves chewing on all sorts of different foods with it!

Chuck Presnell

This really soothes my baby's gums. I love that her little hands don't get cold and the handle is perfectly shaped for her little hands.